About OEM We engage in contract manufacturing of oral-care and skincare products that are highly original, high quality and have advanced functions.
Major achievements as a toothpaste OEM
Strengths as a skincare OEM

About us


Aiming to create health and happiness for people all over the globe.

Nippon Zettoc creates oral-care and skincare products with advanced functions and a high level of added value while operating under a philosophy of ¡°health makes every day happy and enjoyable.¡± In Japan, we supply products as an OEM/ODM to a number of major pharmaceutical companies, and our technology and quality is highly regarded. We also sell original products. By continuing our efforts to capitalize on the company¡¯s specialized technology, our ultimate objective and pleasure is to bring health and happiness to everyone across the globe.

President & COO¡¡ Sadao¡¡Jimbo