About OEM We engage in contract manufacturing of oral-care and skincare products that are highly original, high quality and have advanced functions.
Major achievements as a toothpaste OEM
Strengths as a skincare OEM


We meet various needs, including whitening care and prevention of periodontal disease and bad breath as well as hyperesthesia measures.

Strengths as a toothpaste OEM

For original brands, we are able to concentrate on commercialization of a unique product by capitalizing on client companies¡¯ own ingredients or ingredients of interest in productization. Moreover, we propose a product based on formulation design that matches the brand concept.
1.Planning We provide all productization information and develop product concept ideas.2.Development We can propose various types. In addition, we make numerous prototypes to ensure safety and thoroughly address time-course tests prior to productization.3.Production 
With over 50 years of experience in production technology, we make safe products that can be used with peace of mind, and thoroughly manage quality warranty after productization.

Development example

Newly developed "non-silicon, leave-in-hair treatment oil"¡«We achieved excellence in use and effect¡«

  • This non-silicon formula is gentle to your skin and hair.
  • Non-sticky, light touch, and smoothing.
  • Boosts volume and style support.
  • Reduces time for drying hair, and therefore reduces heat damage from dryers and friction damage from brushing.
  • Repairs damaged hair from inside and outside of hair.
Creates a natural gloss and silky smooth hair
Healthy hair, damaged hair, Zettoc's oil, Company A's oil, Company B's oil Creates a natural gloss and silky smooth hair
Condition of damaged hair after applying different types of hair oil
Repairs the surface of damaged hair and improves the cuticle. Condition of damaged hair after applying different types of hair oil
Applied newly developed hair oil.
Repair effect of hair surface as shown by electron scanning microscope

*Patent-pending¡¡¡¡*Made a presentation at COSME Tech in June 2013

Major achievements as a toothpaste OEM

  • Developed Japan¡¯s first advanced-function toothpaste containing lysozyme chloride (patented product) for pyorrhea.
  • First to obtain approval for medicated Hydroxyapatite with its high-level tooth-whitening effect from the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.
  • Developed market for advanced-function medicated toothpaste containing green tea ingredient and charcoal.
  • Developed the world¡¯s first non-aqueous medicated toothpaste ¡°Dentwell¡± containing Vitamin C in stable formulation, and began production.