About OEM We engage in contract manufacturing of oral-care and skincare products that are highly original, high quality and have advanced functions.
Major achievements as a toothpaste OEM
Strengths as a skincare OEM


In a field that demands the highest level of safety and peace of mind, Nippon Zettoc has a noted record of achievement. Products that are highly evaluated for their advanced functions and quality include Pigeon baby skincare products, Mennen (presently Colgate) skincare products for men and during pregnancy as well as skincare products for major esthetic salons.

Strengths as a skincare OEM

The goal is to ensure that ¡°products sell,¡± and to that end we integrate our wealth of specialized information and timely strategies based on market trends with clients¡¯ needs when developing original and highly competitive products.

We specialize in meeting the following needs:

  • “Want to enter the skincare industry as a new business”
  • “Want to renew own skincare brand”
  • “Want to create a new skincare brand”

Major achievements as a skincare OEM

  • Through technology partnership with US Mennen (presently Colgate), developed and produced skincare products for men, babies and during pregnancy.
  • Through technology partnership with Pigeon Corporation, developed a skincare product series for babies, expanding baby product production.
  • Developed and produced skincare products for major esthetic salon groups in Japan.
  • Developed and produced medicated acne skincare products for major pharmaceutical manufacturers.